Then Derek looked up, saw him, and smiled, and Stiles saw the rest of it. Derek looked like he’d hit his head against a car window. He had a small constellation of tiny cuts and scrapes along the left side of his face, only one long gash deep enough to have required stitches, and his skin had the sort of angry coloring that promised spectacular bruises in a day or two.

"Hi," Derek said, watching him. Derek set the magazine down and lifted his good hand, holding it out. "Come on, come here, I’m fine."

Stiles made himself walk over and take Derek’s hand. He brushed his thumb across Derek’s knuckles, thinking over and over, be cool, be cool. He wasn’t going to lose his shit again when Derek was right in front of him and holding his hand. He was moving on from the emotional overload portion of the night, he was.

"Your car is totaled," Stiles said quietly.

"Sorry about dinner," Derek said, giving him half a smile.

Don’t." Stiles let go of Derek, taking a step back and tucking his hands under his arms. "Don’t make jokes, you didn’t — you didn’t come home, I thought — Christ. And Laura is on all your paperwork, she wasn’t even in town, I—”

"I’m sorry," Derek said. He hardly ever apologized, and Stiles couldn’t even enjoy it, that was hideously unfair. "I didn’t think about it, I didn’t think we’d need it."

The Skies Above Are Blue by trelkez

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hey guys i’m sure you have all seen those awesome AU videos of sterek

this is not one of them

this is 100% canon and i’m just???

THE MOST BEAUTIFUL STORY EVER BETWEEN TWO PEOPLE AND IT’S CANON. dgjfkdkjg whenever you’re about to claw your face because of canon or WTV shit you read on interviews please watch this and remember that this is canon!!!!! and it’s beautiful and perfect.

Teen Wolf AU: Stiles is an unofficial consultant for the BHPD - that means, he sneaks onto crime scenes, steals files from his dad’s office and breaks into the evidence locker until he solves the puzzle. No one is particularly thrilled about his behaviour, least of all his father, but the police don’t put much effort into keeping him away since he often provides them with essential clues. However, when one particularly curious case unravels, the FBI sends Derek Hale, a renowned consultant with a rather immaculate track record, everyone tells Stiles to stay away and let the professionals do their job. Since Stiles is incapable of letting things go, they soon engage in a competition and race to solve the murder first that quickly dissolves into a game of innuendos and sexual tension rather than actual animosity, which proves to be rather distracting when they’re supposed to catch a serial killer. 

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