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"Is there any reason why my name’s on the king?"

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Sterek AU: When Laura & her husband die in a car accident, Derek is left to take care of his 2 nieces Erica & Rya while trying to put his life together, manage a full time job and try to avoid falling in love with the quirky sheriff son living next door.

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And it feels like someone’s cut you open with a jagged piece of glass. x

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Derek Hale is a notoriously difficult Oscar winning actor that’s hit a slump in his career.

Stiles Stilinski has been stuck in the role of “goofy sidekick” for years and wants to break out of that mold.

They get cast as a gay couple in a new, powerful movie. Derek is absolutely skeptical that Stiles can play the role and Stiles resents Derek’s disdain for everything he’s ever acted in.

When they come to terms with the fact that they both badly need this movie to help their careers, they stop fighting and get down to business. As they progress through filming, a friendship is born that soon grows into something bigger and more powerful than either actor could have ever hoped for.

Inspired by “Performance in a Leading Role.”

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So, where is Sterek headed?

Well, despite how murky the outlook for Teen Wolf gets at times, I believe Sterek has been blessed with a beautiful slow-build. I’m not sure if Jeff originally had plans for Sterek when he wrote seasons one and two, but it’s safe to say he took the idea and incorporated it into his plans. Season three is all the evidence we need. The relationship between Stiles and Derek is like never before.

There’s no denying that Sterek is the only pairing in the entire series that has taken on a slow-build. Big staples in Sterek’s developing relationship appear to have been cleverly placed throughout season three. For example, Stiles comforting Derek, Stiles being the one to learn about Derek’s past, Derek canonically being shown to care about Stiles, Derek as the ‘king’ on Stiles’ chessboard, etc.

Of course, the future for Sterek is unknown. It’s Teen Wolf. Anything could happen. But I believe that all roads for Stiles and Derek end up at one final destination…one where they end up together

Hope can be hard to hold onto, especially with all the punches the fandom has to endure. However, if there’s one thing regarding Teen Wolf to hold onto hope for…it’s Sterek.

Hold onto every bit of hope you have. Stay loud. Stay vocal. Celebrate the amazing ship of Sterek. Keep yourself focused on Sterek being endgame. All the right puzzle pieces are falling into place. 

this completely lifted me up because i was down in the sterekneverhappening muck for weeks now so thank you!

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